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On May 14th, 2019, at 4pm, the Missouri Craft Distillers Guild launched the brand new "Missouri Spirits Expedition."

Exactly 215 years to the day after Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery set out on their bold expedition of exploration, we invite you to explore Missouri and meet the entrepreneurs who are putting their blood, sweat, and tears into building Missouri's reputation as a premiere destination for handcrafted spirits.

On this statewide distillery trail you can visit all the incredible small businesses and we will Show You why this is the best state in the Union for distilled spirits. We have the best American Oak in the world, we have the best grain in the country, and we make some of the most award-winning spirits in the nation, all right here in Missouri!

The Expedition is free to all (21+) participants who will collect stamps at each participating distillery and earn rewards along your journey. Once completed, you earn the right to a free bottle of Missouri Spirits Expedition Missouri Bourbon Whiskey - a truly unique collaborative spirit that is not available any other way!

You can pick up you Expedition Log at any of the participating distilleries and start collecting your stamps!

The Missouri Spirits Expedition is designed to promote tourism to all corners of this great state as well as supporting all the related businesses of restaurants, lodging, and other local attractions. It also highlights the vital role Missouri distilleries play as Value-Added agricultural businesses.